Scope of Services

Company law

– setting up/liquidation of commercial companies and other legal
– shareholders agreements
– increases and decreases of share capital, in-kind contributions
– financing of the companies by the shareholders
– mergers/demergers/transformation of companies
– corporate governance
– assistance at the shareholders meetings
– assistance at the supervisory board/management board meetings
– corporate secretary services
– detailed matters arising under commercial companies code
– share sale transactions, preliminary share agreements , call/put

Real estate law

– real estate due diligence
– commercial, retail, land lease agreements
– agreements with developers
– clarification-clearing up defects of the legal situation of real estate
– creation and cancellation of limited rights on real estate
– preliminary agreements, sale agreements concerning real estate
– advice on zoning and local planning requirements

Civil law/commercial law

– agreements in the investment and construction process (construction
  contracts, EPC contracts, FIDIC contracts World Bank contract forms,
  subcontracting agreements, consortium agreements) – negotiation,
  advice during contract execution, submitting or protection against
– PPP models and PPP contracts– supply, management, turnkey,
  aggermage, concessions, franchising, BOT, BLT, PFI
– project management agreements, construction design agreements
– distribution agreements and issues of unauthorized distribution
– outsourcing agreements in financial sector
– share sale transactions
– green certificate sale transactions
– other complex, strategic or international contracts

Labour law

– standard agreements related to employment (employment
  contracts, consulting, cooperation)
– non-competition agreements
– non standard agreements related to employment of key personnel
  and members of the management board
– labour law by-laws and regulations

European law

– European public procurement law
– Public aid
– European competition law and control of concentration
– Representing in front of European authorities in matters related to
  non compliance of Polish law with European public procurement

Competition law and intellectual property law

– Protection against unfair competition (copying products, trade
  marks, taking over clients or employees)
– Filings for the control of concentration
– Protection against infringement of rights to internet domains or
  trade marks
– Protection against abuse of dominant position, contracts restricting
  competition and price fixing

Dispute procedures

– Representing in disputes related to investment process,
  specifically in disputes arising from construction contracts
  or matters related to unfair competition
– Electronic procedures for payments
– Representing in matters for granting injunction specifically in
  court cases
– Representing in bankruptcy procedures, filing claims in bankruptcy
– Procedures for awarding execution clauses on court judgments
– Procedures for recognition of foreign court judgments including
  arbitration judgments

Foreign Investment

Advice in respect of business activity in other countries in cooperation with law firms associated in International Association of Practising Lawyers (Switzerland, Zug)